sizing_bodyMeasure loosely ( as for comfortable clothing) from the outside (ball) of your shoulder diagonally across you body to the outside of the opposite hip bone. Measure over the bust not between it. T-shirt size and Height are secondary size guides.

Adjustable Pouches are generally based on you clothing size. Medium Pouches accommodate 95% of people with the small size suiting those petite people among us and the Large size for the taller and/or larger of us.

Extra large Pouches available on request. If you are in doubt as to what size you are, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.





Your measurements may not all line up! If your measurements indicate two or more sizes, choose the size between or the smaller size if wanting the original pouch.

Tips and Hints:

· Order a smaller size if you are between sizes (or on the borderline) if you are short or small busted.

· Order a larger size if you are tall, broad shouldered or large busted( eg D+ cup).

· If you are short waisted, you would consider yourself on the shorter end of the scale

· Men usually order one size above what you measure for to accomodate shoulder bulk.

· If you are more than 5 mths pregnant, sizing may be a little difficult as your 'bump' is adding extra centimetres. Try to work on your pre-pregnancy size or compare yourself to a similarly sized family member or friend.