putting-pouch-onStep 1. Putting your pouch on

Before you put on your pouch, make sure your pouch is folded in half as in Fig 1(it is packaged folded correctly) with the two sewn sides of the pouch parallel, creating a "pouch." (Mumasupial Badge on the outside).

Hold the Mumasupial Baby Pouch in one hand with the folded edge nearest your body and the curved seam pointing toward the ground.

Put one arm through the pouch and slip it over your head. The pouch should be worn on the diagonal, going from one shoulder to the opposite hip, Mumasupial badge facing out. ( like a Miss Australia sash). It can be worn on either shoulder. If you want your baby on your right side, put your right arm through the pouch.

Position the seam in front of your belly button with the double edge closest to your neck. Separating the fabric shows the ‘pouch' in which your baby will sit.



sizing_body_noarrowStep 2. Adjusting your pouch

With your baby pouch on, Mumasupial Badge on the outside, check how long it is. The perfect length should find the bottom of the pouch somewhere between your belly button and your hip.

Once you see where the bottom of the pouch is you can adjust the snaps to make it smaller. (Although the snaps do not alter the length for the largest size, for safety they should still be securely fastened.) Smooth out the fabric inside the adjustment area  of the pouch, put it back on and check the length. Re-adjust if necessary.

There is no need to adjust your pouch each time you wear it. It will only need to be re-adjusted when another person wears it.

Once you have become used to wearing you pouch you will probably develop a preference for wearing your baby higher or lower and you may find you prefer different setting for different positions.



Step 3. More information

Download your copy of the instructions here  or browse through the individual positions on the left.