bout2-border2 The Mumasupial Baby Pouch is the most comfortable and easy way to hold your baby. The design of the pouch allows you to feel confident that your baby is safely supported whilst still giving you the hands-free freedom to accomplish your day-to-day activities. It is the perfect way to have your baby close without having to hold them in your arms. With a Mumasupial Baby Pouch your baby can be at the centre of attention without being the centre of attention. Dads can get a new role that is more fun than just changing nappies!

The pouch acts as a natural soothing method which helps fussy or tired infants fall asleep as they can feel, smell and see their parent. Discreet nursing is also possible, so there is no need to hide away in another room. People will be totally unaware of what you are doing.

There are six main carrying positions which allow you to carry your child on your front, back or hips from birth up to 3 years of age (or 18 kgs). The pouch is designed to distribute the weight evenly over your entire back as well as your shoulder, eliminating many problems of shoulder and back pain/strain.

Babies really take to pouches because of the closeness, security and comfort they provide. Within a few days, you and your baby will wonder what you did without it.