Designer Adjustable Pouch

Price: AUD95.00 each

Similar to the adjustable cotton pouch, the Mumasupial Designer Adjustable Pouch offers the same ease and comfort and ‘set and forget adjustability: designed to accommodate your changing size due either to pregnancy, seasonal clothing changes or different sized family members. Compact and lightweight, the Designer Adjustable Pouch is perfect for year-round use in all climates and is suitable for children from birth up to 3 years of age (or 18kgs)

All Adjustable Designer Pouches come with 4 easy ‘set and forget' size settings (no need to adjust it every time you wear it) along with ‘failsafe' stitching that prevents the pouch from separating even if all adjustments are not fastened properly.

Mumasupial Designer Adjustable Pouches are made from seasonal fabrics woven so that the fabric breathes and has just enough stretch to accommodate baby movements and cradle them perfectly.

As all the fabrics as seasonal, Designer Adjustable Pouches are limited editions. Grab yours today, before they sell out!

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